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All our cold-pressed juices are made fresh every single day. We source our fruits and veggies locally, ensuring freshness and quality. 

Try our various juices that provide many wonderful benefits, all made to serve and strengthen your health. 

Ignite your inner body and start your day with energy that will surprise your friends and family!

cold-pressed juicing 

Centrifugal vs. cold-press juicing. Which method is better?


With a centrifugal juicing method, juices are made by a machine that chops up the produce with a high speed blade. This tends to unnecessarily heat up the fruits and veggies, causing it to oxidize quicker. 


With a cold-pressed juicing method, the fruits and veggies are literally being squeezed to pump out the fresh, natural juices making for a health drink that'll stay fresher for longer.  

We care about health and quality

This business wasn't just started to make a quick buck. Jeff, the founder, truly wanted to create something that'll give tremendous value to the people consuming our products. Our brand was made with three key values in mind - quality, customer satisfaction, and leadership. 

Quality definitely matters, from the product, to the cleanliness of the store, to the ingredients we use. 

We are here to serve you. Customer satisfaction is the second the we put priority on. The moment you enter our shop, you will know the difference. 

Lastly, we value leadership. With leadership, we believe we can inspire Guam to great health!

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